Christmas Festivals in GOA

Christmas Festivals

Christmas is the most famous festivals of the Goa state. State’s 27% populations are Christianity religion people. Along with Goa state is the most famous tourist place in India. So that, numbers of foreigners and Indians people come to celebrate festivals on Goa beaches.

Christmas is celebrated in every nook and corner of the world to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Visit Goa with the onset of winter and you will feel the aura of celebrations everywhere.

On this occasion, this most sought after tourist spot is decorated with various artifacts and decorative lighting. Goans strive hard to make this festival successful and that is why they celebrate it whole heartedly.

They exchange gifts, invite each other to relish foods, offer prayers and at the last but not the least, they party hard; festive season a week prior to Christmas.

Families out there are involved in baking cakes, decorating Christmas trees, beautifying their homes with bells, candles and other items.

Although Christmas is a Christian festival but it is celebrated by general populace with equal enthusiasm and dedication.

The Christmas celebration in Goa starts a week in advance to Christmas Day and continues till New Year. During this time you can see groups of people singing carols; parties are organized by clubs, restaurants, and resorts.

Beaches are also full of party animals and they party till dawn with various kinds of food to relish and wine to drink.

If the celebration is here, how can dancing and music be far behind? Famous DJ’s are booked in advance to make the evening successful and memorable. People dance on loud music and the best numbers are played. Festive mood of Goa makes it most happening and lively.

is Goa expensive in December?

GOA is bit expensive during Christmas season, if you want to visit GOA in December, its better to book the hotel rooms, travel tickets 1 or 2 months in advance. There are few top travel companies are providing the packages at affordable price.

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