Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters

Who does not like to visit Goa? If I get a chance I will prefer to visit Goa every year. If you love beaches and want to get rid from your tight schedule, then Goa it is! Thousands of people from all across the globe visits Goa in summer as it is famous for various adventures. You can go with your family, friends and loved ones, but if you are going with friends then Goa has many things for you. There are lots of Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters. Today I will be mentioning Top 7 Happening Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters.

If you think that you can only visit beaches and clubs then you are wrong, you can explore multiple things like cruises, casinos, para sealing and more.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters

If you want to enjoy your life and visiting goa with friends, then you should definitely visit these places. Try not to miss these Places for Youngsters in Goa, otherwise it will be waste to visit Goa with your buddies.
Johnny’s Cool: Have you ever tasted beer? Is it your first time and you have a golden change that you are visiting it with your friends? Johnny’s cool is considered as one of the Best Place to Visit in Goa for Youngsters if you want to have delicious snacks or taste beers. The place is mostly visited by youngsters only.

Gatsby’s Club: Love dancing? Visit Gatsby’s Club and enjoy the place by enjoying their drinks and other eating items and dance to awesome music with your buddies.

Silent Noise: Interesting name, right? Listen to your choice of music by plugging headphones into your ears. Famous place for youngsters in Goa. If you want to make foreigner friends, then it is one of the best place you can visit.

Colva Beach: Shopping is must for girls if they are visiting goa especially young girls gang. Colva beach is famous for shopping, you can roam around the market and shop in the flamboyant lights. Though there are many beaches, this one is a special Place to Visit in Goa for Youngsters.

St Xavier’s Church: Who doesn’t know about St Xavier’s Church. It is a very famous place located in South Goa and has an amazing infrastructure. Don’t miss a chance to visit this place.

Shantadurga Temple: Have you ever seen this temple? Youngsters love to visit devotional places like these, and this is considered as one of the richest temple in Goa.

Se Cathedral: This place has five bells in which one of the bell is considered as one of the largest bell in the world. You must visit this place with your buddies.

Final Conclusion:

Mentioned above are the Top 7 Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters. Apart from Goa, our India has many places like Kerela, Coorg, Mahabaleshwar where you can go for the adventure. If you are visiting India and want to explore it, go to some historical places like Red Fort, Taj Mahal.

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  • November 10, 2017 at 6:45 am

    Thanks for sharing this post !! This will help me a lot when i will visit goa with my friends . Goa is a nice place to go for fun and enjoy .


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